Platform evening at Frauenfeld

Since January 2017 I demonstrate with Mara Lüthi-Fröschlin on the platform. Mara and I know each other since 20 years and we are happy, to share experience and show you the variety of mediumship. It's taking place at the last Friday evening in month.

Mediumship course / workshop

Its a pleasure for Mara and me to invite you to a workshop in mediumship, sensitivity and energy work. 




Kristall-Insel in Frauenfeld

13. April 2019



Details in Flyers

Short readings 15 min.

Do you want a short view into your world?

Do you wish a contact to a loved one in the spirit world?

Are you interested what the cards are saying to your current situation?

Do you want to know which colours are important for you at the moment?



New in our portfolio:


meeting day in at Mara's place with short readings and possibility to  browse in the gemstone shop


We are giving short readings like you require. Afterwards you can make yourself comfortable in a lovely round of different people. You can book a reading or come spontaneous and enjoy a like time break.  


Where:                                Kristall-Insel

                                          Mara Lüthi-Fröschlin at Frauenfeld

When:                                 05. Mai 2019

                                          09. November 2019

                                         10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

Compensation:                    CHF 15.00 per short reading



I want to create a circle, for mediumship. Still in planning, especially which day. I let me inspire still a little bit, if the time is right, I'm going to announce it. For proposals and interests send me an Email. An international circle would be nice, today via Skype a lot is possible.

mediumistic      reading

As the workshop doesn't include readings you can have a look at my offer.

sensitive           reading

As the workshop doesn't include readings you can have a look at my offer.

healing / trance healing

As the workshop doesn't include healings you can have a look at my offer.