Spirituality as an attitude towards life

Arthur Findlay College 2017
Arthur Findlay College 2017








" Spirituality is a life in love and acceptance

for all and everyone "


Spirituality is in some countries a daily thing and accepted as a belief, a Religion.


For me spirituality is an attitude towards life now, which I follow with all my heart. Because everything can be as it is. We are human, flesh and blood, with the goal to accept and love all as it is, good and less good.


To see the good in all, to find the beauty in everything, because all in life is a gift. Sometimes the wrap doesn't look that nice or it needs time to open it. And in the end it isn't what you expected. May you have to change the perspective or accustom yourself to it. But with acceptance and the believe in good, everything can transform or show its beauty. Sometimes its not what you wished, but its every time the right thing you need.


Now for me its making sense, to love life, and still when stones are lying on my way. You can go around, stop for awhile or set them aside. But never forget, in the meantime, to follow your dreams and wishes. Listen to your inner voice and accept all as it is. Now and then it needs patience and I know there is no shop to buy it, it would always be sold out. Acceptance and a positive angle of view, is the half rent. Consciousness and self awareness makes the rest...

... and the miracles finally can take place.


On my path I meet people all over the world which are sharing the same attitude towards of life. The acceptance of spirituality is growing all over our planet. People are living it, because we all have the awareness of love and acceptance in us.