what is mediumship?

The communication between two souls,

the Bridge between two worlds.


The sense between two people is sensitivity, in union with the spiritual world mediumship.

Mediumistic people notice delicate feelings, emotions, memories, information, instincts, surroundings, items etc. from others or from people in the spiritual world.

If you are conscious of the beauty of this awareness, the understanding of love and passion for mediumship is normal.

Mediumistic people are people like you and I, which are open to all senses and appreciate the sense of communication.


There are 4 principal types of awareness in mediumship.

Clairvoyant, is seeing people, memories, situations, items, surroundings etc. seen like with the third eye or inner eye. With the link to the spiritual world you get information for the person in the living world, optical transmitted.

Clairsentient, you be aware of the feelings, emotions, characters, instincts of a person in the spiritual world, you feel them. You feel which person the deceased person was. You sense his feelings for the person who is in the living world.

Clairaudient, you hear acoustical what the spiritual world has to tell, you get information in you inner ear. You can hear them and talk to them.

Clairscentient, you can smell favourite fragrances from the spiritual contact, may he loved coffee, smoked or the perfume, which he loved, you can smell it.


You can have all principal types of awareness or some of them. I am clairvoyant and clairsentient. I appreciate my senses, especially the clairsentient. To feel the love which the spiritual world brings to the person in the living world, is unconditional, such an honor and pleasure to transmit it.


The same 4 principal types are used to work sensitive.

Clairvoyant, you see pictures from the sitter, situations, fears, love ones, what is happing in they life.

Clairsentient, you are aware of the emotional state of the person. You feel what is going on in the emotional life, you feel his feelings.

Clairaudient, you hear the thoughts from the person in your inner ear, you get information acoustical.

Clairscentient, you smell favourites fragrances or things the person can't stand.

Animal communi-cation

To communicate with your animals is a beautiful way to show the valuation of their soul.

There is the possibility to improve your cohabitation and understanding.

The non verbal comprehension is telepathy, also the 4 principal types are an important part of the communication.


It is beautiful and many times funny to talk with your animals, it lights your daily routine up and unforgettable moments are coming up more often.

A deep connection with your animal can take place.

Skye relaxed
Skye relaxed
Macho's sunday snooze
Macho's sunday snooze

sleepy beetle

What is the need of mediumship?

There are many reasons, the most important is contemplation of peace, calmness, love and healing.

Sometimes your beloved ones or friends leave us immediately. You couldn't disband, unsaid words and a lot more remains. May be a loved one decease with pain and we only want to know, that all is right with him.

Also in the spiritual world are unsaid words and the need to communicate to they beloved left behinds is great. Is it to say I love you or thank you for being in my life, it is a possibility to state the unsaid.

In my readings I can feel the love and gratitude from both sides. I can witness how peace and love can take place.


When wounds can heal, peace is taking place in your heart.

For that I am unutterable grateful to be in service for the spiritual world.