about me

Since my childhood I really sensitive and finally I open my senses to mediumship.

This revelation brought me to my beautiful purpose.


I successfully completed my CSNU, the recognition of the Spiritualist’s National Union in demonstration and speaking. Meanwhile I started the teacher training scheme in Stafford which I hopefully finish in September 2021, successful too. Occasionally I stay at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Essex, where I explore the variety of mediumship and expand my abilities.


My education as naturopathic physician is an enrichment for the all-compassion, body, mind and spirit, and as supplement helpfully.


In my free time I love to travel, favourite destinations are England and Ireland. I love to read, cook, hike and sharing time with my friends.


In my sittings I am allowed to work with the spiritual world in a beautiful way, every contact is individual.

To bring an unforgettable moment to my sitter and to offer an encounter with a beloved person in the spiritual world, is one of the most beautiful practice I know. It is an exchange of love and healing, peace and calmness can take place.


Working sensitive is different, exiting and interesting.

To compass the energy of someone, feel and see they needs, possibilities, blockades, fears, abilities, unknown talents etc. is for many people a good way to get confirmed they awareness and confirmation.

I had several readings and I am really happy for it, it confirmed me my awareness of my life situation and brought me further in all.

Healing/Trance Healing

Healing is the sensitive transfer of positive energy with or without touching the sitters body. The person is sitting relaxed  and healing energy can flow.

Trance healing is allowing the spiritual world to transmit healing energy to the sitter is a sub conscious state.

Animal communication

To live with animals already sweeten your life up. Since I have done to first steps in animal communication, it changed my understanding and awareness to animals.

I am happy for it and really looking forward to start my education as animal Communicator.

A little spot on my life with my cats, Macho and Skye.

And with my friends dog Thommy.



In loving memory




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